It’s Thanksgiving here in the US. The turkey is in the oven. The mashed potatoes are cooking in the crockpot. There’s brussel sprouts. Cranberries. Stuffing. Pies galore.

Here, we celebrate things we are thankful for. Ironic that we can also celebrate the American Consumer consumption of Black Friday – where there are deals too good to pass up for all your Christmas needs. And, thanks to the Internet, we don’t even have to leave our houses.

And that, my friends, is probably a good thing no one has stuffed we will be after dinner.

Here, along the shores of Lake Erie, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner is smaller than years past. People couldn’t make it into town are due to illnesses or work schedules. And with my mother still being homeless, she was not up to the big fancy feast. Initially I was promised this holiday to have an hosted at my house. Even bought new dishes and bakeware My mother decided to give it away to another family member, forgetting that she told me I could host it. I know there are bigger issues in world than empty promises so I let it go. My mother makes no apologies, such is the Diva way.

Anyway hope you guys all have a lovely long weekend if you’re lucky enough to have one. Remember what’s important – friends, family, love tons.

24. November 2016 by grace
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How About Those Results

My typical, boring routine is that when I get home from work and and I finally have the chance to sit down in front of the tv, with a dog on each side of me begging for belly rubs, is that I like to watch The Daily Show, recorded from the night before. But this past week, I’ve been so broken-hearted and unable to watch. All related to our new President. Truth be told, I’ve been unable to watch or read anything regarding the election results. And just when I thought I was getting better, word came on the Cabinet choices.

I looked for a rock to crawl under for the next four years. When that wasn’t available, my blanket and pillow were.

I’ve been unable to sleep. I’ve lost my appetite. I feel sick, but am getting better, day by day. So long as I don’t check out and any news tv show.

Its just so … I struggle with the right words. It’s not that I am a sore loser. I think its that I cannot seem to comprehend how many people think behavior like that – from the angry tweets to the hate aimed at people – people of disability, of different religious view, of different background, of different skin tones – seems to be ok for so many Americans across the country.

If its not ok, I don’t get that people think they can pick and choose the good parts of a candidate and ignore the ugly.

And sure, we can ride out these next four years – the sun is still going to rise each day. I get that. But still, I feel like this is an embarrassment for us on the global stage. Most of all, I think I am heartbroken for the future of the Supreme Court with the pending appointment and any future ones to come. What will happen to gay marriage? What about Roe V Wade?

One of my grade school friends, before the election, said that she didn’t think the world was ready for a female leader. I know she was just reciting what he husband had said. I listed off the other countries with a long history of female leaders. India. The UK. Germany. She seemed in shock and managed to rationalize that it might be ok for other countries but not for her. I am sad for her daughter, who might believe that she is less because she was born a girl. I am sad for all the girls here, who have been shown that rude, cruel behavior by a man doesn’t mean that he is unqualified to be a leader.

I am not sure what the answer is for me in the days to come. Some of my friends, whom I have the upmost respect for, have taken a break from social media – mostly Facebook. it’s too much of a drain on them emotionally. I felt my heart lighten upon hearing that. Its not a bad idea. Still, I know that ignoring it won’t make this problem go away. It won’t make the polarizing country any better even if it makes mine slightly less noisy.

So, If you need me any time soon, I will eventually come out of hiding under my blanket.

14. November 2016 by grace
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Happy Fri…

03. November 2016 by grace
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The Homeless Diva

So, my mother, The Diva, has been homeless for the last few months.

Though it amused me the image of her living out of her car or on the streets, that is not the case. She sold her adorable cluster home of seven years because she just did not have any private, outdoor space.

So she has been going between my uncle’s house and mine. A storage space is filled to the ceiling with all her personal belongings and a furniture. The real estate market here is on fire and houses are moving so fast. My mother was slow to react to something she loved and by the time she got around to deciding to see it, or worse, putting an offer in, the property would already have a signed contract of an accepted offer.

Finally, her realtor got her into a house, in a neighborhood my mother really liked, the evening before it was to be listed. My mother made an offer that evening and it was accepted.

The bad news is that she will remain homeless until the end of November.

31. October 2016 by grace
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The Angry Bull

30. October 2016 by grace
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Tour Bus

Over the past few years Lancaster, Pennsylvania has become my second home. Because I keep having to go there about every three weeks for various photo and video shoots. Last time I was there, a coworker, was there for the first time so she really wanted to see some of the tourist sights. Good news, I know that area so well that I don’t even need a GPS to find them. After a few stops, she said she really wanted to get some t-shirts for her family.

Off we went, in search of the ideal t-shirt shop. I found a place, conveniently located near a smorgasbord that all the tour buses stop at. Inside the t-shirt shop, the store owner is talking about her love of Trump. I cannot stand it hear it for another minute and tell my coworker I will be outside, waiting for her. Outside, there is a nice covered porch and its a lovely day to be outside. And/or hold open the doors for the senior citizens there, going in and out of shops. Plus side, I was the youngest one around.

In-between my doorman duties and looking at my phone, I hear someone clearing his throat. Its very near me. I look up from my phone. “Hey there,” the man says, “I didn’t see you on the tour bus!”

“That’s because I wasn’t on it.” I say and look back at my phone.

He kept talking, asking if I was going to going to dinner at the smorgasbord. I wasn’t.

(By the way, isn’t ‘smorgasbord’ a great word to say aloud?)

And just then, my coworker came out of the t-shirt shop, with bags in hand. It was enough to scare away my new friend. But just so you know, I’ve still got it.

30. October 2016 by grace
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My mother’s neighbor of six years or so has become a friend to both my mother and I. this week, her neighbor is off in San Deigo with her police commissioner boyfriend. They’re an adorable and very nice couple.

Recently, the boyfriend showed up at the house with a brand new Harley Davison motorcycle. We were offered rides.

My mother and I both laughed until we cried.

Anyway, the neighbor lady brought the Harley-riding boyfriend a jacket but it needed to be returned for a larger size. The neighbor lady is out of town and asked my mother to go to the local Harley and exchange it.

She walked into the store today and said, thinking she was being funny, “I’m here for a hog.”

They thought my mother, the Diva, was asking for a hug and not a hog.

That’s how out of place she was.

09. September 2016 by grace
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Hard Knock Life

Teague, the rescue dog, has had a hard life lately. I mean he’s too tired to even stand and eat his food.

22. August 2016 by grace
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Randomness and Hello Again


In an effort to not become a hoarder, I have been challenging myself to throw out at least one garbage bag of old stuff I no longer use. Last night – two bags of old shoes that I once loved. But there are always more shoes to love – I came to the realization

that I would never wear any of the old, beaten up and worn down ones.

Who knows what next week has in store. I was thinking maybe the linen closet. I know – hold me back.


Last weekend, my cousin Pink got married. She and her new husband have been together forever and it was about time. All the family of characters were in town for the event. So many great moments reconnecting with Mr. Drysdale, who came up from Charolette. My Aunt Lyn was in from Oregon. My mother was in rare form (of course she was). I think the most memorable moment was when Aunt Lyn was enjoying her wedding cake cassata cake (which she claimed she never had before) and someone at the table mentioned there was also a dessert bar. Her eyes got big, she dropped her folk and smiled.


It hasn’t really rained much this summer. My lawn is brown. And it has been so hot – over 90 Degrees for weeks.


Sunday, after the wedding, we met at my mother’s house as the bride and groom went through their gifts. My friend Gil, who was a groomsman in the wedding, asked me to marry him. After the bride and groom counted out all the cash they made from the wedding. ‘Think of the trip we could go on.’


Once again, it has taken me more than a month to get this post finished.


My mother put her house up for sale this summer. And as of this weekend, she has an offer. Not sure where she will end up. I told her she could stay with me. Said she’d spent too much money buying guns for my murder so there’s that.

22. August 2016 by grace
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Summer Nights

Few things are more relaxing than watching the water and the sun disappear into it these days.

06. August 2016 by grace
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